D.J.Nevil Life — Armada TV vol.2 2014
01. Alexander Piven — Catch The Dream (Original Mix)02. Anatoliy Frolov — Memories (Egor
Санс — реп андертеил
Его звали Джефф, он ангелом прозван.Примерный сын изменился просто, добрая семья, порядочные люди. Всегда
Marilyn Manson — Deep Six
Verse 1:]You want to know what Zeus said to Narcissus?"You'd better watch yourself"You want
Muddy Waters — Garbage Man
My baby, she run away with the garbage man,Yeah my baby, she run away
Vnuk — Вальс
Треклист:01 — Интро02 — Пока [feat. Тбили]03 — Special For You04 — Андэр [feat.
Barlow Girl — Thoughts Of You
Thoughts of You and how You changed me Fill my mind Without You where
Barlow Girl — Average Girl
So what I’m not your average girlI don’t meet the standards of this worldChasing
Barlow Girl — beautiful ending
Oh, tragedyHas taken so manyLove lost cause they allForgot who You wereAnd it scares
Barlow Girl — No One Like You
No One Like You You are more beautiful than anyone everEveryday You’re the same
Gary Barlow — So Help Me Girl
You could have kissed meLike this wasn’t gonna lastKept me from sayingSomething I’ll never

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